For El Paso’s very best commercial key work, A-1 Lock & Safe is always just the right fit.

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A lot goes in to keeping your goods safe. Anybody can go to the hardware store down the street and buy a five-dollar padlock—but...
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Like any successful business, you’re bound to experience growth, and that means widening the circle of trust. When it comes time...
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The crown jewel of any security system has always been a good, solid safe. Picture it: Behind the camera lenses and beyond the locked...

A-1 Lock & Safe will have a broken, battered, or busted safe up and working correctly in a flash.

Welcome to A-1 Lock & Safe

The world is a dangerous place, and it isn’t getting any safer. With the prevalence of violent crime, the modern business is a tempting target. Sensitive information, valuable technology, and considerable assets often stored within a place of business make the unguarded company rife for robbery and theft. Moreover, even a good security system can’t protect from some dangers—once an untrustworthy guest or client is allowed on the premises, the best alarms on the market are no good.

Fortunately, the world of physical security offers a comprehensive set of solutions to this growing threat. Safes and locks, now a far cry from simple iron deadbolts and eyelet latches, make use of electronic sensors, magnetic seals, and the latest metallurgic advances to protect what’s important to their owners. Nobody in the El Paso area knows the industry like A-1 Lock & Safe.

Whether you’re the proud owner of a small business or a corporate executive with an international organization on the line, A-1 Lock & Safe understands the need for top-notch physical security. Using time-honored expertise and the best equipment in the industry, we install and service a wide array of security solutions to ensure that documents, technology, valuables, and personnel are safely cared for. If you already have a lock or safe that’s not functioning up to par, we can restore it to working order or better.

If you have something precious in the El Paso area, call our mobile team of experts to put it safely behind lock and key. You will be glad you did!