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Like any successful business, you’re bound to experience growth, and that means widening the circle of trust. When it comes time to grant expanded access to the premises to a proven manager or a trusted technician, A-1 Lock & Safe has you covered.

Our commercial key fitting experts can create flawless copies of keys, both physical and digital, that allow joint access to a door or safe. This means no more signing out the storage room key or borrowing somebody else’s key card. Go ahead and try—we bet you can’t tell the original from the duplicate.

Maybe you’ve just moved your business in to a brand new location. Spacious rooms, good lighting, a beautiful view of downtown El Paso… and an entire office full of doors with no keys. This is not a problem; A-1 Lock & Safe’s commercial key fitting experts know just what to do. We’re happy to come down and craft a key for each and every lock. Perhaps there’s a door in the cellar or a drawer in the desk that’s been stuck shut since you’ve been there. With a quick call to us, you’ll solve a years-old mystery and free up plenty of new space.

Keys are a vital part of any security system, so trust yours to the best in the business. Contact us and find a solution to any lock issues you might have. From lost keys to dozens of duplicates, A-1 Lock & Safe has seen it all, and our commercial key fitting team is committed to passing that wealth of experience on to you. Contact us today!