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A lot goes in to keeping your goods safe. Anybody can go to the hardware store down the street and buy a five-dollar padlock—but that means that the savvy thief is only five dollars away from knowing how to open it. For the business owner who’s serious about keeping their wares and information out of the wrong hands, it’s all about the expertise.

A-1 Lock & Safe employs a trained and experienced commercial locksmith group dedicated to keeping your business secure against even the smartest criminal. To do so, we keep up to date on both the tried-and-true and the cutting edge in locksmith services. These trade secrets and finer points make every safe and lock impenetrable to the wrong people. Our commercial locksmith expertise transfers into your savings, your safety, and your peace of mind.

We offer on-site installation of a staggering variety of equipment, including traditional lock-and-key setups, wall safes, floor safes, electronic locks, magnetic doors, and keyless entry mechanisms. Our team will integrate our know-how with your workspace to provide a system as subtle as it is secure, and exercise only the utmost professional discretion while and after they do it.

Do you have a lost key, a forgotten combination, or a jammed lock? It happens to the best. Fortunately, we have an array of tools and techniques at our disposal that we use to get your systems opened up and serving you again; and if that key stays lost, our experts can switch the locks out before it becomes a problem.

Inaccessible information and painstaking security measures are a thing of the past, as our commercial locksmith team works to keep on top of any compromises and deliver a functional system to every client in the El Paso area. Get in touch with us when you need help with your locks!